Nutritional marasmus

marasmus: The lack of sufficient energy or protein to meet the body's metabolic demands, as a result of either an inadequate dietary intake of protein, intake of poor quality dietary protein, increased demands due to disease, or increased nutrient losses.

Endpoint definition

Long name Nutritional marasmus
Hospital Discharge registry ICD-10: E41, ICD-9: 261
Cause of Death registry ICD-10: E41, ICD-9: 261
Level in the ICD-hierarchy 3
First defined in version DF2
Latin name Malnutritio gravis ex deficientia energetica (marasmus nutritionalis)

Summary Statistics

Key figures

All Female Male
Number of individuals 15 9 6
Unadjusted prevalence (%) 0.01 0.01 0.01
Mean age at first event (years) 47.48 43.51 53.44
Case fatality at 5-years (%) 20.00 11.11 33.33

Longitudinal metrics

All Female Male
Median nb. of events per indiv. 1.0 2.0 1.0
Recurrence at 6 months (%) 40.00 55.56 16.67

Survival analyses between endpoints


before Nutritional marasmus
after Nutritional marasmus

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